4 Rings Aikido Club

Known as "the way of harmonious spirit," Aikido utilizes turning movements that redirect an opponent's momentum. Aikido is also known for its highly effective joint locks and throws. Sensei Vajra Granelli is one of the highest ranked Aikido practitioners in Colorado.

He was first introduced to Aikido when he was 9 years old. Over the last 30 years he has worked as a trainer, fighter, coach, and corner man in the world of combat sports. He has traveled throughout the world working with professional and amateur fighters. Vajra received his fourth degree black belt from Suginami Aikikai in San Francisco. Granelli's approach to teaching is based on old school mat drills, movement and angle of attack strategies, and mindfulness training concepts. This mix of old and new techniques provides an approach to training that will optimize both mental and physical performance. In 2013 Vajra released the Aikido DVD “Aikido Outside the Box." He stresses that regular training and consistent practice in these techniques can increase the integration between mind and body. Granelli believes training in this way is the key to better performance under stress, a heightened ability to recover quickly after high demand performance, and overall increased awareness.


4 Rings Aikido Club meets in Boulder on Wednesday evenings at 7pm. Check out our calendar for upcoming classes and to pre-register online to reserve your spot. Practitioners of all levels are welcome.