4 Rings Tactical HERA Self-Defense Method

The 4 Rings Collective has pioneered a streetwise self-defense system, the HERA Method, for women – or anyone requiring self protection – that explores methods of increasing our own sense of empowerment through environmental awareness.

The focus is on avoidance and early threat detection, as well as highly effective techniques for evasion, escape, and threat elimination. Utilizing physical training and internal practices, participants in HERA Self-Defense Workshops will come to know and trust the space we occupy in this world.

HERA stands for:

  • Holistic / Healing

  • Environmental / Empowering

  • Realistic / Reparative

  • Active / Affirming

HERA Method trainings take place in safe, relaxed environments, and include wisdom circles, fun exercises, and techniques for regulating one’s nervous system under stress. The meditation practices introduced will focus on being present in the moment and cultivating kindness and gentleness towards oneself.

See our calendar for upcoming HERA Self-Defense Workshops, or use our contact form to request a customized training for your group. We welcome requests from people of all genders, social activists, survivors, women's groups or anyone wishing to train in self-protection.