4 Rings Tactical Training

The 4 Rings Tactical training classes present a modular and progressive path covering seven areas:

  1. Environmental Awareness;

  2. Wilderness Survival;

  3. Striking & Advanced Striking;

  4. Street Grappling;

  5. Handheld Weaponry;

  6. Firearms;

  7. and an Individualized Mastery Program.

Fast-paced and fun, these training sessions focus on straightforward techniques to promote fitness, safety, self-confidence, and optimal performance. 

Devoted martial artists are trained to master their crafts specifically through physical repetition, experimentation, sparring, study, and instruction from senior artists. For the most part, high-level martial artists are also highly advanced when it comes to physical fitness. However, what might be labeled today as “mental fitness”—a crucial aspect any real-world application of the martial arts—is regularly viewed as something that happens to martial artists as a result of their training. In other words, mental fitness is thought of passively, as opposed to actively. Practices intended to isolate and enhance mental fitness are rarely taught in the martial arts community.

 4 Rings Performance Enhancement Program (PEP) offers martial artists techniques to take their game to the next level. Utilizing the latest neuroscience and practices proven to improve performance in incredibly stressful situations (modern combat, firefighting, and law enforcement, for example), instructors guide attendees through simple practices that can be reproduced in competition, daily at the dojo, and whatever stressors they encounter in life.

Classes meet Wednesdays in Boulder, Colorado. Please pre-register online to reserve your spot, or just show up. We'll be glad to have you.